What to Expect in a Shamanic Healing Session

My favorite rattle for Journeying!

My favorite rattle for Journeying!

This doesn’t feel like therapy!
— AW

A single Shamanic healing session is recommended if you are uncertain if Shamanism is right for you or if you are curious about what happens during a session. We begin to explore what is holding you back from balance and harmony. You will also learn more about how Shamanism can help you to restore that balance, and you will receive healing that my Spirit Guides recommend. Committing to a longer program will result in a comprehensive transformation as many levels of healing are needed to achieve the peace and joy that we are all seeking. A program includes coaching, exercises and homework and Shamanic healing sessions.

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This is the typical flow of a Shamanic healing session:

We begin with an intake interview to obtain information on your physical, emotional and spiritual backgrounds as well as the status of relationships, past and present. The interview includes a review of the home environment when you were a child, as many adult behaviors are formulated in childhood. I will ask for your healing intention, which is what you want to heal in this session.

Next, I create sacred space, which is a container of love and light in which the healing takes place. Divine compassionate and loving spirit guides and helpers are invited who will either participate directly in the healing, or hold space for it. Only those spirits of the highest vibration participate in the healing sessions. There are always lots of angels involved!

At this time, I journey with my spirit helpers to hone in on your healing intention and confirm that is what we will be working on in that session. Sometimes, Spirit decides that there is something more important to heal that day and they provide direction to me on how to proceed. To journey, I use a rattle or drum to help me focus and then my spirit helpers take me to places in the spirit realm to show me the “big picture” of what’s at the core of your healing intention.

I will share what information Spirit gave me and then proceed with the actual healing for you. You may be sitting in a chair, or if preferred, lying on a massage table for the healing. Always know that I am not the one doing the healing for you; Spirit/the Divine/theUniverse is performing the healing, while I facilitate the process. It is important for you to be present, grounded and open to receiving the healing as you are an integral part of your own healing. We will do some integration activities to help with the energetic shifts that occurred from the healing and then I close the sacred space by thanking and dismissing all the spirit helpers. 

Finally, you are instructed on how to continue to integrate the energetic healing at home. Questions are welcome at any time and I encourage you to provide an update on how you are doing a week or two after our session.

Healing sessions usually last an hour and half to two hours. Please note that Shamanic healing, as well as every other energetic healing modality does not “fix” things in a single session. Repeat sessions are highly advised to go deeper and get to the root of the issues. I recommend these healing sessions to be about 3 to 4 weeks apart, which enables you to fully integrate the energetic shifts from each session. As mentioned above, committing to a program will allow you to achieve a much deeper and complete level of healing and transformation.