What is Shamanism?


Shamanism is an ancient form of spirituality that was and is still practiced worldwide by indigenous cultures and tribal societies. It is now becoming a cutting-edge form of energy healing in our modern world, validated by Quantum mechanics.

This belief system predates all organized religion. Interestingly, these early global cultures all believed in the same basic tenets of Shamanism even though they were separated by thousands of miles from each other. African, North American, British Isles, Asia Pacific people, etc. all held the following beliefs.

  • They honor the Earth and are closely connected to the seasons, the elements and the natural world.

  • Everything has a spirit and universal energy connects us all. We are all made of this energy, thus we are connected to one another and can communicate with each other energetically.

  • Time is different from what we have been taught. In the spirit world, all time exists at once, thus making it possible to conduct healing that changes time backward and forward.

  • Within the Shamanic belief system, three realms comprise the Universe:

    • The Lower World is where the subconscious and shadow realms are and is the realm of Mother Earth, power animals and often our ancestors. This is not the “Hell” of Christian religions; picture a true heaven on Earth!

    • The Middle World is the spiritual realm of our own physical world and is also the realm of nature spirits, animal spirits and stones. Imagine another dimension that exists parallel to us that some of us can access (especially young children). Here we find fairies, elves, gnomes, water sprites and wood nymphs and the elementals (Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Light). Spirit beings living in these three realms are here to help us and to share their infinite wisdom. When requested, they partner with the Shamanic practitioner to conduct healing on behalf of the practitioner and their client. 

    • The Upper World is the divine realm of higher consciousness; ascended masters, angels, and divine compassionate beings reside here. Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mother Mary and Kwan Yin are examples of divine compassionate beings. Here there are also many Gods and Goddesses from various belief systems that we can access.

  • The modern Shamanic practitioner works in love and light and travels to the spirit realms in “journeys” with their Spirit Guides.  On the journeys, the practitioner learns more about their client and what type of energy healing will bring them the most relief. While still in these realms, the divine beings perform the healing on behalf of the client with the practitioner facilitating the process.


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Trail in our woods in Spring Green, WI

Trail in our woods in Spring Green, WI