You CAN be More Intuitive!

I hear from so many clients how much they wish they could be more connected to their guides, or to "Spirit" in general.  It's easier than you think!   By paying attention to synchronicity in our life we can begin to hone our own intuitive skills.

Here's one way to grow your intuition and to validate it at the same time.  Start to ask yourself simple questions, such as "Should I take this road to work, or the alternate route?" You may hear an answer in your head, or you may just have a "Gut Feeling" to take a certain road.   

Next,  there is a little homework to do later that day or evening.  Write down in a journal which route you took, then check the news to see if there was a slow-down or other incident on the road you didn't take.  In most cases, you will find out that something happened along one road that would have been a significant delay, or perhaps you could have been caught in a crash.  Write down the results in your journal, even if your intuition didn't seem to make a difference.  The more you do this, the more you will start to see positive results.  As you tune in to yourself when you ask these questions, you are getting more experience at hearing the answers.  Eventually you may not even need to ask the question- you will just be easily guided.

Several years ago my husband and I were driving to a Holiday party.  It was winter and although the roads were in good shape, it was about a 45 minute drive.  I was driving, and for some reason, very close to home, I took a road that was the slowest way to get to the party.  Then at several small country stop signs, I hesitated to go forward and found I was stopping and then starting, to the point where my husband asked me what was going on and to just drive!  I didn't understand why I was doing this, and finally just drove toward our destination.  When we got to the major highway, there was a very long back-up and an accident a few miles ahead.  If I had taken the faster road, and hadn't delayed at each stop sign, I would have likely been involved in the crash.  It was then I realized that Spirit, or my guides, were doing all they could to slow me down.  From that point on, I paid much closer attention to similar events and I verified what the result would have been if I hadn't followed my guidance.

Be creative and come up with other questions you can ask yourself and then verify - how about calling a friend and checking in to see if they will answer or let it go to voice mail?  Be sure to ask questions that you don't already know the answer to.

Over a short amount of time, you will gain confidence that you truly are intuitive and the proof is recorded right in your journal!

Tracy ThadenComment