Winter Solstice 2018

The Winter Solstice on December 21, 2018 represents the return of the light.  From this day forth, our days will increase in length until we hit the Summer Solstice.  Indigenous cultures who are close to the seasonal changes hold ceremonies to welcome the light as do other, more modern groups.   What a magical time for a celebration!

This is also the time of year to celebrate how the past year has gone – good or bad.  We know that the bad events are generally lessons for us, or pointers to something that we need to work on.  If we embrace the bad, without any judgement (this is important!), along with the good, we can reflect on what we have learned and how we have grown over the past year.  We may also see where we can continue to grow or heal based on the past year.  

How to celebrate?  Try a candle-gazing exercise to set new intentions for the upcoming year.  First, center and ground, then connect to the Divine.  If you are unsure how to do this, imagine energetic cords coming from your feet that go through the floor and then deep into the earth; really feel them anchored in the earth.  Then visualize a beam of Divine light coming from above and entering the top of your head (crown).  Feel the connection you have created with the Divine!  Now, light your candle and stare at the flame.  Hold the intention that you will illuminate a few goals that you want to achieve this coming year.  You can ask the Divine to help by saying out loud, “May I have the clarity to know what I need in the year ahead.”  Don’t think too hard, your soul already knows what these goals are – you just need to allow this information to bubble up to the surface.  Don’t judge when the goals are revealed either; please accept them as presented.

Finally, while still gazing at the candle, and when a few goals or intentions are clear, ask that any blocks to achieving your goals be revealed.  As each one is seen, ask “May this block be healed by Divine Love.” Feel free to journal about these new goals and the blocks.  It is helpful to write the goals where you can see them daily to remind you and the Divine what you are working on.  As time passes, if you feel the blocks are getting in the way, or new ones have popped up, repeat the prayer, “May this block be healed by Divine Love.”

Shamanic healing can also be very effective if you have stubborn blocks that you can’t shake.  Contact me for assistance!


Tracy ThadenComment