What are You Cultivating?

I’m a hobby winemaker and I have a vineyard supplying me with grapes. Last week on the local news a commercial winery was profiled, and they were discussing how their vineyard had suffered from our cold winter and spring. They were not going to get a harvest this year. As they talked about their winery and its customers, they mentioned several times that they were farmers. When a customer tasted their wine, that detail was generally missed. They only saw the finished wine in the bottle and not the labor spent cultivating their vineyard. 

This got me to thinking! We are all farmers nurturing an idea, a goal or a vision. We must cultivate it to make it a reality. Knowing how to cultivate your goal is key. New farmers rely on school or training programs or perhaps they were lucky enough to be raised by a successful farming family and learned as they grew up. Whatever your idea, goal or vision is, you will need support and training.  You are not “less than” when you seek out help to achieve something; we can’t be experts on everything! 

When it comes to our Spiritual growth, finding the right mentor, teacher, healer or classes can be the first step in cultivating yourself.  I have been taking classes and working with healers and teachers regularly for more than 13 years.  It happened almost unconsciously, when I decided to take a year-long spiritual and self-development class at a point in my life where I wanted to transform my uncomfortable life.  When that class was done, I needed more.  I sought out teachers and healers to guide me. I really didn’t have a vision or a goal at that time, but I knew I was headed in the right direction.  

I ended up cultivating my spiritual growth!  I retired from the Corporate world and now have a Shamanic Healing practice that feeds my soul and helps others on their spiritual path.  All the training and healing I had over the years brought me to this point; like a finished bottle of wine that is ready to be enjoyed. 

Do you know what you want to cultivate?  Have you sought out a mentor or teacher to guide you? Perhaps you are like me and only know that you want your life to be better. In either case, I can help guide you! The first step is to schedule a free 20-minute Exploration call with me right from my website, here: https://www.wiseoakshamanichealing.com/schedulingtimewithtracy

Tracy Thaden