Using Thoughtful Words to Advance your Soul (and Other’s)

 I recently signed up for an App that sends me a daily email with a word and its definition.  It’s fun and I am learning a lot! 

Today, the word is Sedulous. It comes from the Latin sedulus, from sedulo - sincerely, diligently, from sed-, se without + dolus guile. The definition is 1: involving or accomplished with careful perseverance, such as sedulous craftsmanship and 2: diligent in application or pursuit, such as a sedulous student. (1) I immediately thought that our spiritual practices can be sedulous. I love the idea of being diligent without guile; being totally honest in your pursuit of your goals.  

Words have so much power. As an energy healer, I know that energy follows words. And energy can have a profound impact on us. When I say that energy follows words, it literally means that the meaning of the words carries the corresponding energy. So, if in a time of frustration or anger you say to someone, “Damn You!” you are actually damning that person. In the Shamanic world, we say that this is placing a curse on someone, even if you didn’t intend to do so. The person you damned may find that their life suddenly becomes difficult; they may lose their job or experience a disastrous event. Last week I was driving and was cut off suddenly by a car. I braked hard and without thinking, I did say “Damn you!”  As soon as I said it, I immediately apologized and prayed that my words would not impact this person.  All of this happened while driving by myself with the windows up.  No one knew what I had done, but my spirit guide team and I knew, thus my immediate apology. 

There are unintentional curses, such as those above and then there are intentional curses. These often come about when there is jealousy, anger or other strong emotion toward someone. It is not uncommon for a person to hope that something bad happens to their rival. Please consider Karma if you do this!

I have done a lot of Shamanic “Curse Removals” for clients.  They can range from “self-curses” to having a professional sorcerer place the curse. Self-curses are by far the most common. These are typically that negative chatter to ourselves. For example, when a dieter in frustration says, “I’m never going to lose the weight!” she has just cursed herself.  She is unlikely to lose the weight! By shifting her thoughts and words to a positive approach to weight loss, she can remove that self-curse. A coach or Shaman can be a great help with this, too, as there are usually more self-curses impacting different aspects of your life.

A professional curse is a more complex situation that requires the assistance of a professional Shaman. These are often ancestral, and the original curse may have been placed generations or many lifetimes ago. If you are aware of patterns of bad luck in your family history, it is possible that there may be a curse.

Pausing to choose how we react and considering our words carefully reflect us acting from our “Higher Selves.” Our Higher Self is connected to divine guidance and we are operating at a higher vibration. Here, we are not so easily influenced by emotions and we have greater clarity.

The more we can be with our Higher Self, the more we progress on our spiritual path. By not blurting out negative thoughts to someone else, or wishing bad luck on someone, we also aid them by keeping them free of heavy curse energy. They are better able to focus on their Higher Self, rather than spend their time dealing with misfortune.

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