"The Brown Hole," Clearing Heavy Energy

Spring is a time of cleaning and clearing out that which we no longer need. It's the time of garage sales and clearing our gardens for new planting. We also need to clean and clear out our mind, body and soul!

Do you feel like you are carrying a heavy weight, such as an emotion or a thought that keeps returning but is not in alignment with your path? Perhaps there is deep-seated anger that you can feel but may not really understand where it came from? Or sadness, fear or frustration...

In my practice I often use the breath and coach the client to breathe out heavy energy that is not helpful to them.

There is a Native American technique/tool where we ask Mother Earth to assist us in removing heavy energy, using our breath, called the "Brown Hole." All you need to do is identify the heavy energy and put a label on it, like ANGER! Go out into nature and be guided to a place that you are drawn to to release this energy. Listen to your intuition for where to go. Once there, get on your hands and knees and literally dig a small hole in the dirt with your hands. If this is difficult, perhaps grab a stone that you can use to scrape away the dirt. You just need a hole large enough that you can fill it in - shallow is fine!

Now, let the heavy energy that you want to release come up. Really feel it! Feel the shape and color of it. Once you have a handle on what it feels like, blow this energy very strongly into the hole you just dug. Feel free to grunt, cough and yell as you do it! Your intention is to totally release this heavy energy from your body. Take as long as you need to. When you are done, fill in the hole with the dirt you had just dug. Sit a moment and breathe in the lightness of being free from the heavy energy. Leave an offering (corn meal, tobacco, a stone, etc.) to Mother Earth and thank her for taking that heavy energy and recycling it. Then, continue on your walk in nature. Do not spend time thinking about the heavy energy you released as that may invite it to return. Instead, focus on the new lightness and joy that you are now feeling!

In many cases there may be layers of heavy energy that can only be removed with the help of a Shamanic Practitioner. If you have done the Brown Hole technique but still feel the weight of heavy energy, please contact me for a one-on-one healing session.

Enjoy the Spring!

Tracy ThadenComment