Spiritual Surgery

In late October, I had surgery for L5/S1 spinal fusion. I had been struggling with disappearing lumbar discs ever since I contracted Lyme disease in 2011 and I finally needed to do something to alleviate the constant nerve pain down my right leg.  Little did I know that the physical changes the Doctors created would not be the only changes I experienced!

 I wise friend recommended that I get a guided meditation called “Successful Surgery” created by Belleruth Naparstek of Health Journeys. I purchased the MP3 version, downloaded it to my phone and listened to it as I waited to be rolled into the surgery suite. The meditation affirmed that my team had my best interests at heart, that they were highly skilled and that everything would go very well. Through the guided imagery, I found a peace that I didn’t have as I waited for the surgery to begin. If I had known more about this meditation, I would have worked harder to listen to it in the week before surgery too. I only had a 2 -week notice of my surgery date which wasn’t supposed to happen until January, but an opening came up in October. I had to get a lot of things set up prior to the surgery and unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the MP3 until a few days before the surgery. Prayers were also requested of my friends and family and I was fortunate to have a Reiki Master and other healers sending healing energy during the surgery. I am not one who asks for help very often, but I was strongly prompted by Spirit to do so prior to my procedure. I know this made a huge difference in the positive outcome.

 Another wise friend suggested that having surgery can be a spiritual milestone in one’s life. I am in total agreement with her! In the Shamanic belief system, we sometimes experience a spiritual dismemberment, which is just what it sounds like. Our Spirit helpers will literally tear us into small pieces, which allows the pieces that should remain to be healed and the pieces that no longer serve us to be discarded and recycled. We are then reassembled in a better-than-before Spirit body. A dismemberment can be a profound healing experience that propels us more quickly on our Spiritual and healing path. New insight and wisdom may come to us from this as well. It is often considered to be an initiatory experience.

 Having gone through this major surgery, I experienced a physical as well as a spiritual dismemberment. The broken and torn spinal disc remnants were discarded and new bone was inserted to create the inter-vertebral fusion. As I healed and gained strength after the surgery, I became more and more aware of the Spiritual dismemberment that had occurred. I feel Spiritually washed clean and ready to start anew; looking at my life with new eyes and seeing my mission as a Shamanic Healer as a stronger calling than ever before.  I know that Spirit helped me to discard that which no longer served me, which allowed openings for wonderful new things to come into my life.  For example, my relationship with my partner, Jim, has shifted in a positive way!

 If you are facing surgery, whether minor or major, I encourage you to check out the Health Journeys guided imagery and meditations at the Health Journeys website. Consider your surgery a Spiritual experience as well as a physical one.


Tracy Thaden