Shamanic Healing for Chronic Pain

Shamanic healing can have a positive impact for people who have chronic pain for which there is no medical explanation.  This pain can be localized, or it may move around in the body but feels like the same type of pain.

In some cases, this pain represents energy that doesn’t belong.  It could be from an emotional or physical trauma that happened in this life, or a previous one.   When we experience such a trauma, heavy energy can be stuck with us.  There is no fault here, sometimes it just happens.  It is like an energetic remnant of that event is left behind.

As we know, Shamanic healing, in basic terms, removes energy that doesn’t belong and returns energy that we have lost.  So, in this case, we would work to remove this energetic remnant.

Shamanic healers have lots of tools, and when we partner with our Spirit Guides in a Journey, we are shown what technique will be most effective in clearing this energy.

People who have had a healing for this type of situation often feel an immediate lightness in their bodies, and a release from the chronic pain.

Shamanic healing can be a good compliment to modern medicine.  I do recommend that any pain first be checked out by your doctor to ensure there is nothing physical going on.

Tracy ThadenComment