Reincarnation and Past lives

I have always been curious about reincarnation.  Never doubted that it happens, but the logistics have always been fascinating for me.   In personality tests, I generally come out as 50% creative and 50% logical; the creative side just accepts the magic while the logical wants more details.

My Father, a wise man, always told us that he believed each lifetime was like a day in school – we try to learn all we can and in the next life, we build on that and keep learning.  Eventually, when we have learned enough, we “Graduate” and no longer need to reincarnate.  We can reside in the Divine realms with God and we can choose what we want to do.  Some continue to learn, while many volunteer to serve others as Spirit Guides or teachers for those incarnate or those in spirit form.

I believe that we are reincarnated into the same “pod” of people time after time.  So in one life, I may be married to a man who was my brother in a different lifetime.  Haven’t you ever walked into a room of strangers and are immediately drawn to someone who you feel that you have known for years?  You have likely been with that person in the past.

I’ve always wondered why we can’t remember more about our past lives; shouldn’t we be able to pull all that learning into our present life and utilize it?   Why are most of our lives so challenging?  In my work as a Shamanic healer, I have received some clarity on this, enough to satisfy my logical brain.  Several years ago, I was communicating with the Arch-Angel Gabriel.  I asked if they (our guides) were frustrated with us humans, since we don’t generally remember our past lives and the wisdom that we must have accumulated over many lifetimes.  Did they have to re-teach us everything?  Gabriel said, “You do not really forget; your behavior in this life reflects the wisdom you have already attained.“   Ah, so that means I have not yet perfected my knowledge about romantic relationships!

Some people can learn details of their past lives by working with Mediums or other talented folks who can do “Past Life Regressions.”  They will guide you into a trancelike state and help you to remember specific past lives and the lessons from them.   It’s all about learning the lessons!

As a Shamanic healer, I travel back in time to heal ancestors, which can be either your true blood relative ancestor, or you in a past life.  For our purposes, we don’t need to distinguish between these as the energetic relationship with you is the same.  Ancestral Healing can have remarkable results and the healing for an ancestor results in healing the succeeding generations.  For example, if someone today has an irrational fear of something, like snakes or strawberries, it may be due to an event that happened in a past life, like a deadly snake bite or a strawberry allergy.  By healing the ancestor from the trauma they experienced, the current fear can be eliminated.

Ancestral work is also very effective in healing unhealthy family behaviors that continue to repeat through the generations.  Good examples of these are addictive or abusive tendencies.

Please keep an open mind about reincarnation; if you don’t believe in it, know that Quantum physics and mechanics has proven that time is circular – our old understanding of time as being the past, present and future is getting shaken up!   Physicists are still debating the details, but in any type of energy healing, we are already working with time as a fluid concept.  Perhaps today we are a reincarnation of ourselves from our future!


Tracy ThadenComment