Redirected by Spirit

Yesterday I took a walk in our woods. We have a lot of acreage and about 8 miles of trails through it for our sustainable logging business. Some of the trails are more like deer paths and some are large enough for a tractor. I started out walking through the hay field and past the corn, with the intention of getting up on the Ridge trail which is one of our widest trails. It traverses almost the full length of the property and I have walked that Ridge trail hundreds of times.

After passing the cornfield, I took an uphill path toward the Ridge. Once I hit the Ridge trail at the top, I turned right which would take me towards home. I walked for a few minutes and then suddenly realized that the trail had ended! What a surprise! I explored nearby and took some offshoot paths as I knew where the main trail led. These were all dead ends too. I then hiked totally off the path into the brush to locate the Ridge trail. Three times I did this and each time I somehow circled back and ended up at the same spot where I had started. Then I went in another direction and hiked for about 10 minutes.  I still couldn’t locate the Ridge trail! I was starting to get concerned as I knew these woods and this trail! 

At that point, I realized that something unusual was happening. I knew I needed to pay attention to what was going on and focused on the facts:

1.      I was not able to access the Ridge trail toward home.

2.      All attempts at meeting up with the trail at a different spot failed.

3.      I know the trails intimately, which means that there is an outside force stopping me.

4.      The only reason for this must be for my safety.

5.      My spirit guides are always watching out for me.

Interestingly, just a few days before, we were at our house in the evening after dark.  My partner said he smelled a bear on the breeze coming from the forest. We both know what bears smell like; I used to live across the street from a zoo as a child and would hang out there all the time. Bears were one of my favorite animals and they have a distinctive, rank odor. We have caught their smell close to home a few times over the last couple of years and bears in our area are not too unusual anymore. Most Black bears are very timid and shy, and they tend to hide when humans are around, so I ask Mother Earth to help me to see one when I am out walking.

 Well, I suspected that there was a not-so-timid bear farther up on the Ridge trail; perhaps even a mother with cubs.  I didn’t bother to ask my spirit guides to confirm what it was, because the thought of bears had already popped into my head. This is how my intuition works and I have learned to have faith in the information I receive. 

So, I thanked my spirit guides for watching over me and returned home by the same path on which I had arrived. The walk home was uneventful!

Do you listen to your spiritual guidance? If so, do you have faith that the information you receive is real? Many of us struggle with the faith part, often thinking that we are making up everything in our brains. It takes practice to build a relationship with our guides and we need to trust each other.

My Shamanic Coaching program is an ideal way to enhance your intuition and strengthen (or even create) your connection to the Divine and your spirit guides. Having this connection allows us to be more in our own power, which helps us to operate from a calm and focused place.

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