Power Animals

Power Animals are simply spirit guides in animal form. They support us throughout our lives by helping us to remember our own power.   And sometimes they are just there to hold space for us and to be a kind companion.

In the world we live in, we often squash our true selves in order to “fit in.” There is judgement from many others to the point of violence (hate crimes) and it is challenging to be who we really are! When we shrink and hide our true selves, we actually give away some of our own power. Power Animals will come and go and show up to help us through specific challenges in our lives. We also have a “core” Power Animal, who has been with us from birth. If you have always loved horses, or dolphins or tigers, or any other animal, that is very likely your “core” power animal. The connection you have with that animal is very special. Acknowledge its presence in your life and thank it! If you are going through any challenge now, schedule an appointment with me and we will retrieve a new Power Animal to support you during this time.

Tracy Thaden