On Death and Dying

Shamanism, although a very ancient belief system, works very well in our modern society.  In fact, Shamanism is evolving along with us and as our society evolves!  Recently, I have been getting hints that I need to look into death and dying.  Our society (at least in the US) has a difficult time with death.  We generally don't know how to grieve properly and we also don't know how to prepare for the death of ourselves or of a loved one.

As I mentioned before, Shamanism is evolving, but in the case of death, I feel that Shamanism can help us to evolve, to learn to be more comfortable around death, to accept death as a normal transition.

When my Father passed away in 1995, I arrived at the hospital just after he died. The nurses asked me if I wanted to see him.  I could not bring myself to even go in the room where his body lay.  I was very afraid of death.  Since then I have learned so much more about it and I know that I am comfortable with it.  If someone I love should die now, I would want to be there with them to make sure that they cross completely to the light, not leaving anything behind.

Thus, I am just beginning to work on creating workshops and one-on-one sessions for families with a loved one in Hospice, or who have recently lost someone, and for others that want to be more comfortable with death.

I would love to hear from you on what you feel we are missing in our society around death.  What holes can I fill to help the dying or their loved ones?


Tracy ThadenComment