I've Failed at my New Year's Resolution Again!

It’s almost the end of January and that inspiring resolution you made no longer appeals to you. And you recognize that this seems to happen every year! The timing of when the energy fizzles out of the resolution may change over the years; sometimes you make it into March, but more often, it happens about now.

After all the deep thought that went into these resolutions, why is it so hard to actually embody them? That gym membership or Yoga class seemed like the perfect thing and you paid a lot of money for them, so how come you stopped going? Or the resolution to eat better, or drink less alcohol started out so well, but just seems impossible to sustain now.

When we make a resolution only with our brains, we are missing the connection with our souls. Our brain may think it knows what is good for us, but if our soul is not in alignment, we will ultimately fail at maintaining a new resolution. Our thoughts often reflect the conditioning we have experienced over our lifetime. Thus, our resolutions are made to please others or to help us feel accepted by others.

How do we get our soul in alignment? The first step is to start with our soul, rather than our brain. Allow yourself to connect to your soul by grounding and sitting quietly, or meditating; the key is to shut down your brain and your busy thoughts. Then hold the intention that you want to create a goal, or resolution that will heal or grow your soul. An emotion, or an idea may bubble up. Be curious about these and ask yourself gently for more information. As you tease the information out, write it down.

Let’s say that you want to be healthier. Journal about what may hold you back from achieving this intention. Perhaps you have to let go of a limiting belief. A limiting belief could be something as simple as “I can’t be healthy unless I belong to a gym.” Or, “I need to take a Yoga class because my friends have told me that I should.” Journal more about this and try to find out why you believe this. You could have an “Ah Ha” moment quickly, or it could take more time and investigation. Once you identify what the limiting belief is and why you first created it, you can move past it. Then you can continue to work with your soul to make a resolution that both your brain and soul can agree on, such as “I live a healthy life by mindful eating and walking in nature.”

Be aware of the limiting belief showing up again, perhaps in another flavor. You can now recognize it for what it is and move past it again. Be gentle with yourself as you work with your limiting beliefs; it takes practice!  By engaging your soul, your next resolution or intention will have a much better chance of success.

Tracy ThadenComment