In the Moment

A few years ago, I visited our local grocery store and got all my supplies in less than 30 minutes. I was enjoying the experience too.  Brightly colored packaging and advertising, eager young children trying hard to stay in control for their parents, with two proud little ones given the task to pick out their favorite type of potato chips.

The holiday music playing made it easy for me to enjoy the shopping and focus on my goal of selecting the foods I wanted to purchase.  I wasn't thinking ahead to going to work the next day or projecting a week ahead to wondering how well the Christmas Day activities would unfold.  I was completely present at the store during those 30 minutes.

After loading my purchases in the trunk, I put my car into reverse, checked behind me and paused, as an elderly woman slowly backed her car out of her parking spot and stopped, canted, blocking me and anyone else who wanted to leave.  She was totally oblivious to anything outside of her car. As I watched her in my mirror for more than a few minutes, she carefully unwrapped a piece of gum, put it in her mouth, chewed several times, and only then proceeded to slowly pull forward and exit the parking lot.  I smiled in my rear-view mirror and thought that she too had been completely in the moment and was thoroughly enjoying the flavor of a fresh piece of gum.

Do you live in the present moment, or do you frequently step out of the present, thinking about the past or future, or even making lists?  When you are not in the present, you tend to be ungrounded.  You can even be giving away your power by  worrying and planning.  Don't get me wrong, some planning is fine, I used to be a project manager in the corporate world and was always planning for something!  Sometimes it is good to "allow" what is to happen to simply happen.  Spirit often has wonderful miracles in store for us and our worrying and planning can make us miss them. Stay in the moment, listen to your intuition, and pay attention to what unfolds!

Tracy ThadenComment