I Talk to the Trees - You Can Too!

Clint Eastwood sings a song in the classic 1969 movie, Paint Your Wagon where he laments:

I talk to the trees
But they don't listen to me
I talk to the stars
But they never hear me

The breeze hasn't time
To stop and hear what I say
I talk to them all in vain

Did you know that trees do listen to us and that they actually respond?  The large, older trees are like Grandmothers and Grandfathers who have witnessed generations of life and death.   They hold so much wisdom and are very willing to share with us.  

Trees live in the Middle World, with we humans, but they span all the realms with their roots anchored in Mother Earth in the Lower World and their tops with the divine compassionate ones in the Upper World.  They have a unique perspective as they are intimately connected to all that is.   Many early cultures around the world had a form of the Tree of Life which often represented their origin story or the basis for their belief system.

My own greatest challenge in talking with the trees was to calm my own energy as it tended to overpower the gentle tree spirits.  With some practice, you will be able to communicate with trees! 

Here are ten steps to help you get started talking with your beautiful trees:

  • Go out in nature and lean against your favorite tree.   It may be your favorite because it has something to share with you!   Leaning with your back against the trunk is fine, or you could even face the tree and hug it.

  • Close your eyes and ground yourself by imagining energetic cords or roots coming from the soles of your feet and going deep into Mother Earth.  Feel your feet becoming heavier as you ground.

  • Next, quiet your mind.  Sometimes taking some slow, deep breaths will help.  Try not to be thinking of all the things you want to do today.  If you find yourself thinking, just notice that you are and gently redirect your mind back to your breath.

  • Once you feel quiet and grounded, focus on the tree and see if you can feel its presence.  You may notice its energy, such as a gentle vibration, or perhaps you can sense an emotion coming from it.  You may even experience a new emotion that seems to be your own.  Be kind with yourself; you may not be able to pick up on this for several attempts.  Keep practicing and don’t judge yourself!

  • If you sense the tree’s energy or an emotion, that is your opening to ask the tree something.  You could speak out loud to it, or just mentally ask.  Some people sing to their trees- whatever you feel comfortable doing is fine; there are no rules!  But what to ask?  It’s always good to see if the tree has a message for you- just ask if it has a message for you.

  • Now, keep that quiet mind and just be with the tree.  You may have an image pop into your mind, or new thoughts may trickle in.  You might hear words in your head.

  • Once you get a feel for how the tree communicates with you, there are no limits to what you can talk about.  Trees can provide insight on just about any topic!

  • Before you leave the tree, be sure to thank it for its wisdom and send it some love.

  • Over time, you will build a close relationship with your tree, even to the point where you can connect with it remotely.  Honor that relationship, as it is very sacred. 

  • Please note that individual trees may communicate differently, so if you just can’t seem to connect with the first tree, try a different one and be patient!

Tracy Thaden