Got Procrastination? Me Too!

Today I have on my calendar that I am to write a new blog and post it on my website and on Face Book. I’ve been getting into the habit of writing blogs almost weekly, until about 3 weeks ago.

So, what happened three weeks ago?   Our days suddenly transformed from minus freezing to above freezing.  The sun feels warm on my face and body and I don’t have to wear my winter coat anymore.  The snow and ice are almost gone too.  I’ve been out in my vineyard doing the spring pruning.  And I find I am gazing out the window when I am in the house, rather than sitting in my office. 

Getting back to today, I am almost excited to write a new blog!   But I’ve been at my laptop for over an hour, not writing.  Instead, I decided I needed to do the following:

  1. Edit and print the map of my vineyard (It’s pretty basic, just one page)

  2. Review my bank account online (I seem to be going through money quicker than usual)

  3. Fill out the scorecard of my business activities, such as how many meetings I’ve attended, how many clients I have had this year, etc.  March activities needed to be entered.

  4. Look at my website and see if I can get a different widget for my blogs

  5. Research the possible widgets and read the reviews (widgets are like apps for your website)

  6. Do some research on Mail Chimp, an alternate email service than Constant Contact which is my current service (I like Mail Chimp and signed up with them)

  7. Order some rattles for my upcoming Introduction to Shamanic Journeying class

  8. Look out the window - the Turkey Vultures have returned and are flying outside my window in front of my desk.

You can see that I am procrastinating big time!   But why?  Writing a blog is an important part of my business, as blogs help the readers get to know me and my business, as well as to teach important concepts.  I should be jumping at the opportunity to connect with my people. 

Procrastination is a form of resistance.  We especially experience it when we are working on something that our Soul is very passionate about.  When we each came to earth as a new baby, our Soul had a purpose already mapped out for what it wanted to accomplish.  The closer we are to accomplishing that goal, the greater the resistance is.  In his book, The War of Art, Steven Pressfield talks about resistance and its many flavors.  He says, “The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.”  He also said, “We’re wrong if we think we’re the only ones struggling with Resistance.  Everyone who has a body experiences Resistance.”

Pressfield says that we can use Resistance as a compass; we can navigate by it.  For when we are experiencing resistance, we know we are on the right path and following our Soul’s highest calling.  We just need to recognize it and then act accordingly. 

Today, I knew exactly what I was doing.  I was avoiding writing the blog because I felt I didn’t have a topic. As part of my own process; I know I must get the resistance out of my system before I can tackle whatever task I need to do.  When I recognized my procrastination behavior as resistance, I got the inspiration to write about it!  I laughed at myself as I did those eight other things but knew I would eventually be able to circle back to write the blog.   

Where do you procrastinate?  Pay attention and take note.  Then learn to work with the resistance as a tool.  Recognize it as a helpful pointer to what your soul wants. 

Shamanic healing can be very helpful too, in dealing with resistance.   Over time, we create energetic blocks that hold us in those resistance patterns, and it can be difficult to navigate away from it by yourself.  If you have been struggling with resistance for a while, contact me for a free Breakthrough call to see if Shamanic healing can help get you back on track.  Let’s journey together!

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