Giving Away Your Power

As we navigate through our lives, our upbringing and life experiences influence us in many ways.  Our behavior becomes predictable based on our past.  What do I mean by that? 

When we grow from a small child into adulthood, we learn, consciously or unconsciously, how to be safe.  This safety can be physical, emotional and spiritual. We may learn to suppress our emotions because we were punished or ridiculed for crying over a scraped knee when we were five years old.  If we grew up in an abusive home, we learned that it was better to not to speak up, or even to show ourselves when the abuser was in a bad mood, or we would get yelled at or beaten.  If we had spiritual gifts, such as psychic abilities, we hid them because we didn’t fit in and might have lost our “friends,” who regularly made fun of “Woo Woo stuff.” 

So, to be safe from harm, our behavior is guided by these beliefs. As we grow into adulthood, we continue to follow those beliefs, even though they are no longer relevant.   The abusive household was a long time ago, but you still are reluctant to speak your truth.  You may now be in a loving relationship, but you can’t express your emotions very well.  And your psychic abilities are long forgotten.

When we act from a place of fear, we are acting from our “conditioned” self.  The opposite of the conditioned self is our authentic self.  This is who we are when we first come into the world as a newborn baby, before we have created those “limiting beliefs” that are necessary to keep us safe.  Your authentic self is connected to the Divine and has come into the world to accomplish something beautiful and unique.

When we hide our authentic selves behind those limiting beliefs, we give away our own power. When this happens, we lose our connection to the Divine and our energetic body is usually out of our physical body. It’s hard to focus, our emotions may be irrational, and we feel stuck in many aspects of our lives.  We may feel like we are going around in circles.

To break free from the limiting beliefs takes effort and time.  You spent your whole life creating and cultivating them and it takes time to learn to recognize when your behavior is guided by those beliefs.  Schedule a free Breakthrough call with me to see how Shamanic Healing can help you to leave behind those limiting beliefs and step into your power! Let’s Journey together!

Tracy ThadenComment