Gaining Clarity

Lacking clarity can be caused by being fearful, unfocused, confused or indecisive.

The fear of making the wrong decision or having a negative result may drive us to never decide.  We may stay stuck in whatever situation we are in and never take the one step that could pull us out of that situation.  This could be speaking up to a boss or telling a spouse or partner that you want to separate.  Or even just giving your opinion about something that you care about.  The fear may be so strong that we never speak up.

Confusion can also contribute to our being indecisive.  Not having clear priorities will result in this confusion.  You may not know where to focus your efforts, which compounds the indecisiveness.

Focusing on unimportant things goes hand in hand with confusion.  They feed each other.   We are easily distracted by these insignificant tasks or thoughts.

So, how do we gain clarity and banish the fear, confusion and indecisiveness?  Below are 5 steps to clarity.  Understand that this is a process and depending on how little clarity you now have it may take a while to prepare yourself.

  1. Ground yourself every day. This allows your energy body to stay in your physical body. When we are grounded, we are less likely to be influenced, or even bombarded with other peoples’ energy and emotions. We stand strongly in our own power when we are grounded. Think of an Oak tree with deep roots anchored in the Earth. Almost everything that Mother Nature throws at it, like winds, rain, ice and snow will run off the tree harmlessly. When we are grounded, we are better able to access our intuition and guidance, plus our emotions are held in check so that we can make decisions calmly and safely from our heart and our brains. Fears we have may be irrational, based on our emotions (or even others’ emotions, so our fear will also diminish.

  2. Try to meditate, or take time to be calm and reflect. Run through your negative thoughts and fears and gently review them to see if they come from an ungrounded place. With no blame or judgement, ask that your fears be released to the Universe for transformation.

  3. Declutter your environment. Organize your physical clutter; get rid of “stuff” that you no longer use and donate clothes that you no longer wear. Physical clutter contributes to mental and spiritual clutter. Clutter can also be activities that you do that have no purpose. Clutter is distracting and can make prioritizing difficult.

  4. Explore what you want and how it fits with your core values. If you are not sure of your core values, then now is a good time to establish them as they will guide you throughout your life. What is important to you? What is challenging for you? What are you willing to accept (without getting upset or resentful)?

  5. Can you stay true to yourself with whatever decision you make? (See #4).

  6. If you are struggling with a relationship, ask yourself these questions to help bring clarity:

a. Why do I want this type of relationship in my life?  Is it fulfilling  me or hurting me?

b. What do I need from my partner in order for this relationship to fit with my core values?

c. What do I need to do to stay true to myself in this relationship and to be a good partner?

Tracy Thaden