Does This Ghost Make My Butt Look Big?

Did you know that many people are walking around with ghosts attached to them?  They can literally be holding onto your butt with their energy body’s hand!  The ghosts have an energetic connection with your energy body.  You may or may not be aware of them as they can be very “slippery” and detach completely for a while, only to reattach or change up where they connect with you day over day.

When someone dies, they cross to the light, which completes their life cycle, or they don’t.  When they don’t, they remain here on the Earth plane, trapped in all the emotions, behaviors and pains of their physical life experience.  We call the ghosts “Suffering Beings” as they truly are suffering.

There are many reasons why someone doesn’t transition to the light.  A very common one is that they have unfinished business.   This can be for something good, such as a parent wanting to watch over their children.   Conversely, a Suffering Being can hang around because they are jealous or angry and want to get revenge or even “spy” on someone.  When someone is confused at the time of death, due to dementia or substance abuse, they may not be aware enough to cross to the light. Or, when the death is very sudden and unexpected, the shock is too great, and they don’t cross over.  Many of these confused or “sudden death” Suffering Beings don’t realize that they are dead.

How do you know if you have a Suffering Being attached to you?  One of the most common symptoms is that you don’t feel like yourself anymore.   You may have expressed this out loud to a friend or a colleague, and this can be an excellent clue that you may not be alone.  Other symptoms include feeling tired/drained of energy, disturbed sleep or nightmares, or frequent “visitations” at night by a deceased loved one or acquaintance.  You may also experience emotions or reactions that are unlike you or have an increase in unhealthy habits.  Finally, having physical aches and pains (which lack a medical reason) that move around in your body are also possible.  If you are “sensitive to energy” you may be aware that someone is attached to you.

There is a universal law that states “Everyone has the right to be sovereign in their own body.”  This means when a suffering being is attached to you, they are at odds with this law.  And this is where a Shaman comes in, to compassionately remove the Suffering Being from your energy field.  Working with Angels and other divine beings, we talk to the Suffering Being to determine why it is attached to you.  The angels direct divine light into their heart to open it and to remind them of their divine nature.  Eventually, often after a lot of communication with the Suffering Being, we cross it to the light.

This is a loving and compassionate process that involves you, the client, too!   My goal as a Shamanic healer is to fully remove the Suffering Being from you and to ensure you are prepared with tools to prevent a reoccurrence.  In many cases, we unknowingly created an opening for a Suffering Being to connect with us by being ungrounded or by having a limiting belief that encouraged them to join us.  For example, let’s say Grandma passed away; we were very distraught and wished and wished that she could still be with us.  This is not a healthy belief because Grandma, being loving and compassionate, wants to do what she can to alleviate our pain, so she doesn’t cross.  The result is Grandma is stuck here and you are carrying around Grandma with you, which breaks the universal law of sovereignty.  Alternatively, a healthy belief would be “Grandma has the divine right to cross to the light.  And even though Grandma is no longer with us, I can remember her and still experience her love for me.”

Other openings for a Suffering Being include having unhealthy patterns of behavior that they also had when alive.  They feed off our energy as we continue our addictions, when we feel unworthy or when we are abused or abuse someone else.

As you can see, having a Suffering Being attached to you can be caused by many things and they can negatively impact your life.  Shamanic healing is very effective at crossing these Beings to the light as well as guiding you through your personal healing.

Working together with me over time, we will clear any Suffering Beings and limiting beliefs you have. We will also explore where you may have other blocks that are holding you back from a fully healthy, happy and balanced life.  Shamanic healing requires the active participation of the client in their own healing.  You must be ready and willing to transform your life!


Tracy ThadenComment