Do Crowds Make you Cringe?

Many people can feel the "energy" flying around in a crowd or even in an office building with lots of people.  It may feel like a heavy blanket is draped over them and drains their energy.  If you are sensitive to energy, this feels very uncomfortable; you may feel anxious, nervous and may even feel emotions that are not yours. Visiting large cities is painful and you may not be able to sleep at night there.  Family gatherings are difficult, in part due to the personalities, but also because there are a lot of people there!  Many of you haven’t correlated these feelings to being sensitive to energy.  You just know you don’t like to be where there are a lot of people. As you get older, you consciously avoid putting yourself in these situations.

I applaud you for recognizing you don’t do well in crowds!  But there is more you can do, rather than just avoidance.  Wouldn’t you enjoy being able to attend concerts or shows and make a visit to a neighboring big city?  Perhaps you would like to attend a holiday family gathering or reunion?

When we are not anchored in our bodies, we are all more susceptible to feeling the energy from crowds.  Our energetic bodies are protected from this bombardment when we are grounded and in our physical bodies.  Think of our physical bodies as a buffer for our energetic bodies.  Because our physical bodies are solid, energy from others is much harder to feel. But when our energy body is on the loose, it has no buffer to protect it from outside energy.

Why would our energy body be separated from our physical body?  Often, we may have learned from childhood that it feels better; we can avoid any physical or emotional pain by being out of our physical body.  We may even remember the freedom of being an energy body in between incarnations. This avoidance of being in our bodies does not serve us well and will perpetuate that uncomfortable or anxious feeling.  We need to learn how to be in our bodies so that we may fully experience our physical existence.  After all, we have come into this physical world to experience being in a body.

Here are three tools you can start using right away to keep you in your physical body:

  1. Grounding is an important way to connect your energy to Mother Earth. This provides you with energetic stability and helps you to stay in your body.  A very simple grounding technique is to sit or stand and visualize a bright yellow ball of light in your belly. Then see energetic cords (like ropes) coming from this ball going down each leg, through your feet, the floor and into the earth. From deep inside the earth, see Mother Earth reaching up with her hands and holding onto these cords, pulling them even deeper into the earth, anchoring you there.  Feel Mother Earth's love and compassion holding you.  Once you get good at this visualization, you may only need to think of this exercise, and you will be grounded. Ground in the morning when you first awake and again throughout the day if you start to feel ungrounded.

  2. Seek out a Power Animal who can partner with you and support you so that you can better handle this energy from a place of peace and stability. Power Animals are simply Spirit Guides in animal form. Calling upon our guides for support can remind us to be in our bodies and helps us to tap into our own power.  Take the free guided journey to retrieve your own Power Animal on my website (look for this in the menu).

  3. Place a container of light around you- visualize a clear octahedron (2 pyramids with their flat bases connected and the points at either end) with you suspended inside of it.  Then see blinding divine light filling up the octahedron and surrounding you.  Keep this visual with you all day long with the intention that you will be shielded from any energy that may disrupt you.

Tracy Thaden