Carrying Heavy Energy

Imagine all of us walking around carrying a huge backpack filled with heavy energy that we have accumulated over our lives.  It weighs us down and we can’t stop thinking about it because it is always with us.  It’s hard to remember what life was like without that burden!  This heavy energy is made up of negative emotions, like fear, guilt, regret, grief, shame, anger and judgement – emotions that we have experienced over our lives.   If we haven’t learned how to release this energy, it just keeps accumulating in our backpack.  Every time we experience those emotions anew, more heavy energy is added. Because our backpacks are full of this heavy energy, there isn’t room in our lives for the lighter energies of joy, love, freedom, compassion, acceptance, peace and ease. 

About 14 years ago, I finally recognized that my backpack was very heavy!   My job was frustrating and stressful, my marriage was not happy, and I had lost my spiritual connection.  I was really struggling and didn’t know how to release the pain and suffering I felt every day.

A close friend suggested I take a class that would help me remember my psychic abilities and to reconnect to my spiritual guidance.  I called the teacher and set up an interview with her, as each student needed to be approved by her.  She thought I was signing up for her more intensive, one-year class, which I ended up taking.  Of course, this was the class I was supposed to take!  

Over the next year of weekly classes, I learned to identify what I was carrying in my backpack and how to release that heavy energy.  I found out I was holding on to “Limiting Beliefs” and my behavior reflected all the conditioning and programming I had experienced in my formative years.  My frustrations with my life were the result of these false beliefs that I held about myself and others.  Upon completion of the class, I had tools that I could use to continue being aware of my thoughts and emotions, and how to release new “heavy energy” that threatened to be added to my backpack.  The connection to my spiritual guidance came back and I had so much more clarity about what I wanted in my life. I ended up divorcing my husband and a few years later I was laid off from my high-stress job (a good thing!).  I had transformed my life by conscious effort and awareness.  

When we learn how to release that heavy energy in our backpack, our energetic bodies vibrate more quickly. As we vibrate faster, we create a stronger and more consistent connection to our spiritual guidance and the Divine energies.   When we have established that spiritual connection, we feel those positive emotions easily and they fill up our backpack with light energy.  Challenging situations no longer trigger us to go back to those heavy/negative emotions. We can see every situation from our higher, wiser self and act accordingly, from a place of love, compassion and clarity.

I didn’t do this work alone; no matter how intuitive or motivated we are to make changes; we all need a guide for this personal work.  We need someone who can truly see us, keep us on track and support us through our transformation.  I also didn’t do this work in a short amount of time.  I have been working steadily with a coach, healer or teacher for the past 14 years and I know there is more to do.  We cannot quickly undo something that we took a lifetime to create!  Please seek out a qualified coach, healer, or teacher to work with and you too can raise your vibration, drop that heavy energy and transform your life! 

Tracy Thaden