Blessing the Land

The land we live on has an energy and a sentience.  This means that it is alive and has a soul.  I see the earth as represented by Mother Earth. 

In my Shamanic practice, I often perform Soul Retrievals for people who have experienced trauma, grief and loss.  A part of the soul can break away and find a safe place to hide; away from the traumatic or sad memories because they are very painful.  To heal from this, my Spirit Guides will locate the missing soul piece, heal it with divine love and energy, and help me to return it to the person. 

I have been working with a couple who farm organically in Wisconsin.  They have had a series of less than productive years, both with their crops and their cattle.  Historically, at least one family member had passed away unexpectedly on the land and there was a noticeable heaviness about the land.  A year ago, I was guided to do a soul retrieval there.  I had not ever considered that it was possible but trusted my guidance to do so.  It was beautiful and I pictured Mother Earth receiving her soul piece that had left due to the grief of the untimely death of the family member.  This helped the land somewhat, but more healing was needed.

Recently, they asked what could they do to make the land more productive?  I knew that the land needed a blessing ceremony.  Ceremonies are important in that they focus powerful divine energy on healing something or someone. 

The owners worked for about a week composing positive statements of what they wanted their land to represent for them.  These were statements like, “This land supports healthy people, crops and animals.”  They also wrote down their financial goals for the year, and that they wanted all trauma and heavy energy to be released. 

Last week, I performed the blessing ceremony for their land.  While drumming, I created sacred space and called in all the divine beings, spirit guides and ancestors of the family, as the farm had been in the family for generations.  We built a fire and they read out loud the written statements.  After reading each one, they burned the paper in the fire, all the while holding the intention that these were all true statements.  Having faith is very important!

As the ceremony progressed, I sensed the presence of their ancestors as well as several Native Americans who were dancing near the fire.  They were all there to receive the blessing and to add their energy to the healing of the land.   We each honored and gifted these spirits by burning tobacco in the fire.  The ceremony concluded with us thanking all the healing energies and spirits that were present and then dismissing them.

Ceremonies are unique in that they have the ability to transform the physical into energy.  By burning the physical paper with their written intentions, it was transformed into energy which will manifest the intentions they had written. 

We could all feel a shift in how the land felt after the ceremony; a new lightness was present!  I’ll be checking in periodically to see how Mother Earth is doing and I’ll let you all know what happens!

Tracy Thaden