Antiquing and Rummage Sale Ghosts

A short while ago, I stopped at a ReSale Shop looking for last-minute Christmas presents.  The shop was in a little town not far from my home; I had driven past it many times and never had the time to check it out.  I’ve always loved antiques and cool collectibles, so I was excited to see what they had.

There was an older guy behind the counter with his wife nearby, chatting up what was obviously a friend or frequent visitor.  They all gave me a cheery greeting.  It smelled a bit musty, which to me, is a good thing when you’re looking for treasures.  The aisles and shelves were packed with stuff, including old toys, tools, crocks and fishing gear.

There wasn’t anything of interest to me until I saw a bin with old photographs.  Many faces stared up at me, dating from the mid-1800s to about the 1940s.   Young couples to babies to old women and men, all dressed in their best clothes.  Some had names written on the backs, but most were anonymous.  A bit sad, I thought, that no-one would ever know who these people were.

I was there less than 5 minutes, thumbing through the stack of photos when I distinctly felt intrusive energy. It had that “creepy” or “icky” quality that to me signaled a ghost or ghosts were near.  Ghosts are folks that have died that have not crossed to the light.  In my Shamanic practice, I refer to them as “Suffering Beings” as they are dead people who are stuck here on the earth plane.  They can’t find their way to the divine light thus they are trapped in all the pain stories of when they were alive. Perhaps they stayed around after their death to complete unfinished business which often turns out to be short-lived.

As soon as I felt this energy, my first thought was that a Suffering Being wanted to go home with me.  To prevent that, I immediately made my energy body as hard as glass and said that I did not agree to their attaching to me.  I repeated the intention that I had the Divine right to be sovereign in my own body a few times as I immediately left the shop.  Driving away, I felt confident that no-one had followed me out of the shop.

So, what was that about?  It is quite common to encounter Suffering Beings in antique or resale shops.  These folks are attached to objects from their lives, or to something that reminds them of when they were alive.  When a living person comes around, they may be attracted to their light, or to some aspect of them that might seem familiar.  The Suffering Beings may want to follow them home, so they can be with them.

Many years ago, I was shopping in a very large antique mall in Wisconsin and came across an awesome primitive bronze lion that appeared to be from an African tribe.  I couldn’t resist and purchased it.  I don’t think I could have walked out without it.  If I had known what I do today, I would have been more cautious.  When an antique presents itself to you and you can’t resist it, there may be an energetic reason why you want it.  It could be that a Suffering Being is attached to it and they want to go home with you.  This was exactly what happened to me!

Shortly after I brought the lion home, I had a vision of a native African man that was connected to the lion.  When I meditated on it, I found that this man’s spirit had been imprisoned in the lion by the tribe’s Shaman many years ago.  Yes, some Shamans are not filled with love and light!   Working with a Shaman mentor, I was able to extract the man’s spirit from the lion and crossed him to the light.   In this case, the imprisoned man did not seem to present any danger to me as he was not able to leave the lion without help.  Perhaps he knew I would be able to free him and that’s why I was compelled to buy the lion?


Fortunately, I had a happy ending to my possessed antique.  A Suffering Being attached to an object can move and connect to us, which is never healthy for either you or them.  It truly is our Divine right to be sovereign in our own bodies, so having a spirit attached to us is at odds with that Divine law.  Also know that it is their Divine right to cross to the light and complete their life cycle.

What can a Suffering Being do to us?  It varies with who it is and why they chose to be with us.  They may enhance our proclivities to unhealthy behaviors if they had the same behaviors when they were alive.  They may intrude on our thoughts and try to influence us and more often, they drain our energy and interfere with our sleep.

How do I work with a Suffering Being?  I perform a Compassionate Depossession, which is a very gentle, loving process using angels and other Divine beings to help that suffering remember their connection to the Divine and convince them to cross to the light. This is not the exorcism of old movies, which always appeared to be very violent.  Invariably, the Suffering Being thanks me as they are about to cross over.

Please tread with care when you are antiquing, and if you feel that you may have someone else “attached” to you, please call on a Shaman to release it and cross it to the light. You will be doing yourself and them a great favor!

Tracy ThadenComment