Addicted to Western Medicine?

My grandfather was a Pediatrician and his medical training pre-dated the use of Penicillin, considered to be the first antibiotic.  It was discovered in 1928 but took many years of research before treating the first civilian in 1942. (1)    From there, it saved thousands of lives during World War II.  Among my Grandfather’s books was a Pharmacopeia which listed thousands of plants, their medicinal uses and how to prepare them for use in patients.  This was his bible – using plants and minerals from the earth to treat people’s illnesses.   

My parents were born in the 1920’s and 1930’s – they grew up during the boom and growth of “Western Medicine.”  Pharmaceutical Companies have existed in some form from as early as the 1600’s in Europe, and were typically selling plant-based medicines, creams, etc.  With the advent of Bayer Aspirin around 1900 and then Penicillin a few decades later, scientists were excited about new chemicals that could treat nasty infections and other conditions like diabetes.  They stepped away from centuries of plant-based medicine. To be honest, some of these traditional remedies were highly toxic! There was little oversight over drug safety until 1961 when the birth defects of Thalidomide prompted new FDA regulations in the US.

But, I’m not here to discuss the history of the Pharmaceutical industry.  I personally worked in Pharmaceutical research for more than 20 years.  I worked on many new drugs that had remarkable success in treating disease, especially cancer.  But the longer I stayed in that industry, the more disillusioned I became.  Pharmaceutical companies were reluctant to come up with cures for diseases, because that would result in fewer sales of their products.  They would rather create products that alleviated symptoms because that was a guaranteed income stream.  Don’t get me wrong, there were many companies that did work on cures!  Research is extremely expensive, and Pharmaceuticals needed an income stream to be able to work on those cures.

So, I was raised to believe that “Modern Medicine” was truly a miracle. I was taught to respect doctors and nurses. I took advantage of advances in surgery and hospital care when I had two C-Sections and a few orthopedic operations.  You could say I was addicted to Western Medicine!

Then I contracted Lyme Disease in 2011, plus multiple co-infections.  I trusted my Doctor to know how to treat me. Unfortunately, I soon found out that 99% of western doctors had no clue about this disease that was first diagnosed in the late 1970’s. 

Seven months after I contracted Lyme disease, I finally found what is a called a “Lyme Literate” doctor.  I had to drive two hours to see him.  I signed a waiver that stated I was okay with not following the CDC guidelines for Lyme treatment. I got better. But only after many years.  I am now on year 8 and I still have some remnants of the disease.  I would be in a much worse position had I believed in the Infectious Disease doctors, who frankly, refused to see me because my Lyme tests were negative.  These tests are known to be about 35% accurate, and in my case were totally false.  These Lyme Literate doctors were often sued and lost their license to practice medicine because they did not follow the CDC guidelines; even though they were curing their patients.

As I have aged, or should I say, as I became become wiser, I have started to question modern medicine.  I am working with a health coach who promotes the Keto diet.  I have been on it for more than a year and my chronic inflammation from the Lyme disease has disappeared.  Her husband had a cardiac issue (heart attack) and the doctors told him to go on the Mediterranean diet, rich in grains and fruits.  She instead put him on the Keto diet, and within 6 months, he was no longer taking the statins or blood pressure medications.  Our doctors are taught specific protocols and they are reluctant to change.  Many refuse to acknowledge that there may be good alternatives to what the CDC recommends.  The Keto diet may not be good for everyone, but it is an alternative that should be an option.

So, what am I saying here?   I want everyone to have their ears and eyes open when they interact with their MD’s.  Ask questions.  Challenge them!  And if you are not comfortable with the plan, look for alternatives.  Modern Doctors are not infallible.  They have been trained to a specific standard.  This standard may lack inclusion of alternative treatments that could be very effective.  Do your homework.  Be creative.  Don’t dismiss completely modern medicine but know that Doctors are not Gods and there are often alternative treatments.



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