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Is Shamanic Healing for Me?

Shamanic healing is a very effective technique to restore you to well-being and balance.  You may think of Shamanism as something the Native Americans practice.  Yes, you’re correct, but remember that Shamanism is a global belief system. My training and experience has resulted in a contemporary form of Shamanic Healing, using techniques from cultures old and new.  My sessions are loving and compassionate with no judgement or shame.  I partner with you and Spirit to identify energetic blocks for healing and then we get right to it!  

You take full responsibility for your own healing. Spirit cannot do the healing without your full and active participation!

My Ideal Clients are spiritually motivated people who recognize that they are not living the life they desire.   They’re curious, open to alternative healing modalities and willing to do the deep work that their souls crave. 

They may not even know what it is they are seeking but know that they are not yet there.  They are honest with themselves and willing, with guidance, to identify and release those aspects of themselves that keep them stuck.

My Ideal Clients may have experienced trauma, abuse and bullying.  They may be struggling with the pain of loss, worthiness issues, anxiety, lack of clarity, unhealthy relationships and addictive behaviors.   They may be stuck in a repetitive cycle which is holding them hostage.  Negative thoughts may overpower them; they may feel like a doormat - where everyone takes advantage of them.  They don’t know how to speak up with confidence.  They may have lost touch with their Divine, Authentic self – their pure Soul that arrived to this life as a new-born baby. They have lost the joy in their life.

They may already be quite far on their spiritual path and are looking for guidance to reach the next level.  They get stuck somewhere in their growth because they need a larger amount of clearing to move ahead, and they need outside help for this.

They are committed to their goals of healing and understand that they can’t do this alone!  I recently realized that since 2006, I have been working with a coach or teacher guiding me as I developed myself and my skills as a healer. I used to think that I could do it myself; but finding myself stuck in all aspects of my life then, I sought out help. I cannot imagine myself now without someone guiding me. We all need someone to mirror our positive traits and to push us to shift the negative.

My Ideal Clients are ready to make the positive shifts so they can live a life filled with confidence, joy, peace, and reconnect to their Divine Soul and Purpose.   

Schedule a FREE 20-Minute Exploration Call with me to discuss what your intentions are for healing. This call is a great introduction to see if we will be a good fit to work together to achieve your goals.

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You changed my life!
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Winter sunset in Spring Green, WI

Winter sunset in Spring Green, WI