Sweat Lodge

Sweat Lodge


DATE: TBD in November

I felt like I released so much emotional baggage that I was holding onto. I found the experience to be so relaxing and peaceful. I would want to do this again.”

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The lodge is high on a ridge outside of Spring Green, WI, nestled on beautiful wooded 300 acres in the Driftless Region of SW Wisconsin.

In the lodge, we will be sitting on the ground and it will be pitch black in there. If you are more comfortable sitting on a cushion, please bring one (but make sure it is washable). We will do 2 rounds in the lodge of approximately 45 minutes each with a break in between where we will get out and cool down. The 2nd round is optional. You need to listen to your body and do what feels best for you. If you need to exit the lodge at any time, please do!

Be prepared to hike about 10 minutes to the site (uphill) so wear sturdy shoes. If hiking is difficult, we can provide a ride.

What to bring: An object for the Altar, a folding chair, towel, water, notebook and pen, a washable cushion if desired, light, healthy snacks and a healing intention.

What to wear: Dress for the weather. In the lodge, we will wear minimal clothes so tank tops and shorts are recommended. Men may want to just wear shorts.

Safety: Do not eat a heavy meal just prior to the lodge. Menstruating women are generally advised not to participate as your body temperature is already elevated. Do not wear contact lenses in the lodge. If you don’t do well in heat, the lodge is not for you.